What is SAP

SAP (super absorbent polymer) is a function polymer material. It can absorb water up to several hundred times of its own weight.
As an important absorbent material, SAP is applied to every aspect of our lives.

The ways to find better manufacture / high quality SAP

It’s up to which usage you need:
SAP is mainly divided into two classes: potassium polyacrylate and sodium polyacrylate. And here are the important points on mainly usages.

Potassium polyacrylate (used in planting)

  • Absorbing capacity in soil;
  • Granular size;
  • The photolysis resistance;
  • Period of validity.


Sodium polyacrylate

  • Hygiene product (like diaper, sanitary towel)
    1. Absorbent rate;
    2. Absorption under pressure and retention capacity after centrifugation;
    3. Liquid Permeability;
    4. Residual Monomer.


  • Waterproof tape of cable
    1. Expansion height;
    2. Granular size.


  • Ice bag
    1. Price;
    2. Granular size.


  • Anti-flood bag
    1. Absorbent rate;
    2. The photolysis resistance.


  • Leaking stoppage in drilling
    1. Viscosity;
    2. Coagulation time.

SAP manufacture list (in random order)

Nippon Shokubai

Countries/region: Japan, U.S., Europe, China, Indonesia

Website: www.shokubai.co.jp



Countries/region: U.S., Europe, Thailand

Website: www.basf.com


SOCO Polymer (recommend)

Countries/region: China

Website: www.socochem.com

Email: [email protected]



Countries/region: U.S., Europe

Website: corporate.evonik.com


Sumitomo Seika

Countries/region: Japan, China, Singapore

Website: www.sumitomoseika.co.jp

San-Dia Polymer

Countries/region: Japan, China

Website: www.sanyo-chemical.co.jp

LG Chemical

Countries/region: Korea

Website: www.lgchem.com